until the end of November 2017
Please let us know you would like to use "Baby Support Plan" when you make a booking. Then, baby support goods will be included in the standard accommodation fees.
Some people may say that it is hard to travel with a baby...

If you stay a Izumikyo property by "Baby Support Plan for Stay & Travel ", some baby goods ( pre-moist wipes, baby soap and ziploc) are included in the accommodation fees.

Also, stepstool, lavetory seat for infant child and child chair are available as rental goods ( charge-free).

+Pre-moist wipes 30 sheets
+Ziploc 2 sheets
+Baby soap 1
+towels for baby
If you would like to use it, please let us know at the time of booking.

- Child chair
- Stepstool
- lavetory seat

Please note that their number is limited.

= Deluxe
= Standard
= check-out by 12:00pm
Powder-Goya (2-3 people, non smoking)
Osteria(2-3 people, non smoking)
Tonttu (2-4 people)
Kona-Yuki (2-4 people)
Stay (2-4 people)
Nisse (2-4 people)
Aster A (4-6 people, non smoking)
Rosti (2-4 people)
Holiday (4-6 people)
Aster B (4-6 people, non smoking)
Yuki-Otoko (4-6 people)
Sapphire (4-6 people)
Darwin (4-6 people)