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POWDER SNOW !Once you ski here, never forget great feelings on the snow field.
Ski, snowboard, snow shoes, snow trekking, sledding, zip-line, ...Winter sports beginners, experienced, adults  and children as well,everybody can enjoy fatastic snow world.

For winter activities advanced bookings are recommended.
Please check the cancellation policy at a time of booking.

Contact us

For more detailed information please "Contact us" or call us (+81 136 23 3301). Any activity without "Contact us" means you can directy arrange things with the company.


Menu of activity which attached "Specials" and "Contact us" icons indicates that Izumikyo guests could get special gift(2018-19 winter season only).
Activities which attached only "Specials" needs "Izumikyo Season Pass"(until the end of March 2019). These special pass will be given at check in and for full details it's best to please ask each company providing the service.

Ski / Snowboard rental(Delivery)
  • This rental delivery is very convenient. You can get the rental gear at Hirafu welcome centre. Please check about more details by this site, because the following things are some example.
  • Open Period
    Early December 2018 - Early May 2019
    *Open period is subject to change due to snow conditions.
  • Ski / Board set
    Adult(standard)3,600 yen / day
    Kids(standard)3,000 yen / day
    Adult2,500 yen / day
    Kids1,800 yen / day
    • *Inquire and book...
      Click "Contact us" or Izumikyo front desk(phone:+81 136 23 3301)
    • *Please stop by at Izumikyo management centre to receive "rental application form" before you go to Hirafu welcome centre.
    • *Please let us know the following information.(All applicants required)
      Type of rental, Rental start date, Rental period, User's name, Age, Sex, Height(cm), Foot size(cm), Level(Beginner/Intermidiate/Advanced)
    • *Cancellation fee is charged :
      The day before rental (until 19:00) - 50%
      after 19:00 on the day before rental - 100%.
  • Contact us
Snowmobile(White Isle)

  • Special!Serving a cup of hot chocolate after 60 min. or 90 min.tour!(until the end of 2018-19 winter season)
    It is cool! Enjoy driving and seeing a sight!
  • +single riding 30 min.(adult)  7,000 yen
    +single riding 30 min.(13-15 yrs)  6,500 yen
    +single riding 60 min.(adult)  12,000 yen
    +single riding 60 min.(13-15 yrs)  11,500 yen
    +single riding 90 min.(adult)  18,000 yen
    +double riding 30 min.(with child)  10,000 yen
    +double riding 30 min.(with adult)  10,500 yen
    +double riding 60 min.(with child)  16,000 yen
    +double riding 60 min.(with adult)  18,000 yen

    Please let us know the following information when you booking.
    (1)Date (2)Starting time (3)Course (4)Name
    (5)Sex (6)Nationality (7)The number of people
    (8)Shuttle service(need or no need)
    • *Inquire and book...
      Click "Contact us" or Izumikyo front desk(phone:+81 136 23 3301)
      *Booking must be received no later than 16:00 of a day before.
      *Please arrange starting time between 8:20 - 15:20.
      *Please stop by at Izumikyo management centre to receive boucher before you go to snowmobile.
      *Ski jackets and pants are not included. Please prepare by yourself.
      *An elementary school child is available on double ride if riding with an adult.
      *Cancellation fee is charged : The day before tour - 50%, the day of tour - 100%.
  • Contact us
Lesson and Snow shoe(NAC)

  • Enjoy a Niseko snow using a fun lesson or tour of snow shoe. These menu have special discounted for Izumikyo's guest !
  • Private Lesson
    ADULT(13 yrs +)
    KIDS(7 - 12 yrs)
    <2 hours lesson> 22,000 yen → 19,800 yen
    (1)16:30- (Adult only)
    <3 hours lesson> 33,000 yen → 29,700 yen
    (1)9:00- (2)13:30-
    <6 hours lesson> 53,000 yen → 47,700 yen
    (1)between 8:30 - 10:00 (Flexible / lunch break 12:30 - 13:30)
    *ski or snowboard
    *these price is for up 6 people

    Snow Shoe
    included:snow shoe, boots, tea and snack
    24,000 yen → 21,600 yen
    (1)9:00- (2)13:30- (3)17:30-
    *Duration : 3 hours
    *included pick up and drop off service
    *these price is for up 6 people

    • *Inquire and book...
      Click "Contact us" or Izumikyo front desk(phone:+81 136 23 3301)
      *Lift passes and ski/snowboard equipment are not included in the lesson / tour fee.
      *Please stop by at Izumikyo management centre to receive boucher before you go to tour.
      *Please arrive with your ski/snowboard equipment ready to use.
      *Ski or snowboard lesson have no pick up service.
      *From 2 week to a day before 50% will be charged for any cancellations. Cancellation on the day, 100% will be charged.(Lesson/tour will not be extended or rescheduled due to the late arrival of the guest for any reason.)
  • Contact us
  • Activities 10% OFF!(until the end of March 2019)
    Raft through a dreamy snowscape, snowshoe to places only accessible in winter, or try any of our other activities.
  • Winter rafting   8,500 yen
    Kids snow adventures   5,500 yen -
  • Contact: NOASC (+81 136 23 1688)
  • Activities 10% OFF!(until the end of March 2019)
    They have many programs in outdoor recreaition and handcraft experiences.
  • Building An Igloo   3,780 yen -
    Nature Ski Tour   4,860 yen
  • Contact:
    Niseko Outdoor Center (+81 136 44 1133)

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